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    No news articles will be written until the invasion ends.

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    The Push for a[...]

    The Push for a New Gamemode Server The Push for a New Gamemode Server Update 28 is here, and with it are many new features. some of which we have been waiting for a long time. Vankrupt Games officially presents […]

  • Pavlov

    New Hidden Lobby

    After upgrading to Pavlov 27, we created a new Hidden Lobby by Mottflyer. This is a wonderful addition to Vrmassive. We have added currently 16 maps to our rotation, but we have more to come in the future. Vrmassive has […]

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    Free Skins and Items

    Change your skin in discord for free! If you want to change your skin in a Super SND lobby now, you can.  Simply click  here or click “Connect” button on the bottom of the discord widget below. Once you’re in […]

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    Meds For All!

    After a long time of coding and meetings with our Moderators, we finally rolled out meds for all gamers. Special thanks to all our Heroes in the Heroes Club and our Mods who made this possible by supporting us. There […]

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Super SND Spring 2023


1st place
Frags: 993 Deaths: 406

El Hombre

2nd place
Frags: 932 Deaths: 638


3rd place
Frags: 644 Deaths: 331



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