Sam Sandburg

Howdy Howdy Howdy! I am Sam Sandburg, I am here to request to be moderator. Simple right? Yeah it is. A lot of times I find myself in a loophole of the same few things, team killing abuse, vote kick abuse to just disrupt the game, racism, toxicity, the whole schtick. My main profession in moderation can be in game, or discord. Although I have a way bigger proficiency in discord. I also have quite a ton of past experiences aswell.

Quick Resume
I am 18 years of age and here are my past moderation experiences

-Retired Senior Administrator for Moat.gg (Deleted community, owner was a bit of a drug addict)
-Current Project Lead for SWCW 6k Members
-Retired Discord Administrator for Awakened Productions 131k Members
-Retired Discord Administrator for discord.gg/roblox (A bit of an odd one but I randomly applied and got it.)