Grant Herrema

Hey, I’m very interested in becoming an Admin, specifically in the SND servers. I have been playing actively for around 8 months now and know many people in the community. I like the idea of keeping the server as a safe space compared to the relatively hostile whole of Pavlov. I just see many instances where someone is being a general asshole by saying slurs or harassing people, and there aren’t enough (or any) admins active to solve the problem. And, explaining the issue and getting them kicked is hard because, if an admin is on the opposite team to the offender, they can only be told about the issue, making it harder to solve. Not that administration is at fault for this, just that I feel I could make good decisions for the server’s well being and contribute to keeping it an enjoyable experience. I think that PonPon and Wobanger would be good to talk to regarding my character if you are interested in doing that. Thanks, Granther.