New Hidden Lobby

New Hidden Lobby

Nov 09 Massive  
After upgrading to Pavlov 27, we created a new Hidden Lobby by Mottflyer. This is a wonderful addition to Vrmassive. We have added currently 16 maps to our rotation, but we have more to come in the future. Vrmassive has added a new Hidden lobby leaderboard.

Don’t know how to play Hidden? Watch this tutorial by Yellow Hat tutorial

The unknown

What makes this game mode entertaining is the fear of the unknown, that is to say where is he? For the security, you have to investigate and take down the hunter. In the same way, as you hunt, the hunter, you find yourself surveying every corner and rooftop, not knowing when and where you will find him. All the while hoping the hunter does not find you first.

The known

As the hunter, you have been equipped with a small arsenal in the same way ou have grenades and smoke bombs. This helps, but the real power lies in the hunters abilities. The hunter can jump super high, climb on walls and see the heat signatures of others.

Pavlov Hidden on Vrmassive by Mottflyer and Vankrupt Games

Vankrupt and its development team have been working diligently to bring us a new gaming experience. We are all excited to discover what is in store in the near future. Side topic: If you have joined the Quest 2 raffle, we will be raffling off the Quest 2 this December. Now is the time to join if you haven’t already.  If you are interested in viewing the maps we have added to Vrmassive click on the Heroes Club control panel. If you have a map that you would like to see in this game mode or are creating for this game mode please DM massive in discord. What do you think should be added to the Lobby? Join us in discord and leave your suggestions in our suggestions channel or in the comments below.

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