Quest 2 Raffle

Quest 2 Raffle

Sep 25 Massive  
We are giving away a Quest 2 when we reach 33 subs! Let’s get straight to the point. Once we reach 33 subs we will randomly choose a number and that number will correlate to the person that subscribed. If you win we will send you an email for your shipping information. If you do not respond with this information in 2 weeks we will go down the list of Patrons and offer them the Quest 2.
  • The sub amount must be at least $10 to enter this giveaway. The giveaway will be sent 5 weeks after the 33rd sub.
  • The giveaway will end on October 31st. For any questions please visit us in discord ask for Massive.
  • Please do not give anyone else sub for this giveaway. This is a Vrmassive give away only.
  • All subs must be sent in before October 31st