The Push for a New Gamemode Server

The Push for a New Gamemode Server

Dec 23 justjude97  

The Push for a New Gamemode Server

The Push for a New Gamemode Server Update 28 is here, and with it are many new features. some of which we have been waiting for a long time. Vankrupt Games officially presents their new Push gamemode. Push is a class-based, objective oriented team death match. The attackers have a limited number of lives, which they must spend carefully in order to push into and destroy sets of objectives scattered throughout the map. In their way stands the defenders whose numbers are limitless. They must hold, and if necessary retake, said objects to prevent the attacking team from planting TnT and detonating them.

The Push for a New Gamemode Server

One more couldn't hurt

One more couldn’t hurt

In response to this exciting new gamemode, VR Massive has opened up a new 30-man push server. So if you have a need to PTFO, want to put on an antique WWII helmet, and want to get as close as possible to VR induced PTSD as you slink across the battlefield doding enemies, tanks, and confused teammates alike! Then come join in and embrace the chaos of the battlefield! Just don’t TK the local noobs when they don’t know how to plant. Just tell them **to spin the rod around a few times, then pull it down when indicated**.

New Tools of Destruction (and Surveilance)

Along with the new game mode are various new toys and quality of life features. It’s officially open-season on Pavlov as the Kar-98k is replaced by the trusty Hunting Rifle. A bigger scope must mean it’s better right? Those missing the Kar (don’t worry, it’s still in push) will be pleased to note the luxury features the new rifle has to offer. Note the pleasantly colored polymer green base (dave please add a wood texture skin); the velvety smooth foam cheek rest, fitted with bullets you can actually remove; the built-in magazine allowing you to put a loving touch in each and every bullet. He’s smiling through the mask One other important thing is that Pavlov finally has a new scoreboard! No longer will you have to trepidatiously bomb ticking down to the last seconds, and go for the defuse wondering if all the baddies are dead. Now you can just check!

New Holiday Cheer

No one can forget that it’s Christmas time! And to celebrate, Vankrupt games have given the Pavlov community a selection of Christmas themed skins for the fragmentation grenades and knives!

Getting on the naughty list has never been so fun

The efficient Pavlov player sharpens his knife and feeds the noobs all at once

You don’t wanna know where those candy canes went

VR Massive Raffle Results and new Announcement

The results of the VR Massive raffle came in this year. After waiting a suitable period of time to build the proper suspense, the results were announced over the Pavlov community channel where a bot randomly selected three names from a list of players who have, or had, donated 10$ or more to the VR Massive Community. Congratulations to mastersergant128 on winning the quest 2 raffle! And also congratulations to the follow-up winners, JoshTheStampede and Ricky Jakobsen for winning the follow-up prize of two steam gift-cards! mastersergant128 if you are reading this please respond to our email or Patron post so we can mail you your Quest 2 prize. The next raffle in the pavlov community, starting January 2022 and predicted to be held in the year 2025, will offer as a prize, the BHaptics Tactsuit X16. This haptic feedback suit offers connectivity via both Bluetooth and wired connection, and allows players to immerse themselves in the games that offer the integrated support, by allowing you to instantly feel where you are being shot from. Questions, concerns, or a sudden need to socialize with other VR junkies? Visit our Discord and come talk to us!

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