Sep 04 Massive  

4 1/2 days ago. I was like it is time to take it to the next level and put out a custom map.  I think Vrmassive is ready for a 2020 original. After reading the forum post and many chats in discord, the Dogs, Frankie, and the Heros Club members it was time to build. After days of the building, I needed a little more imagery. I reached out to Skylark. I was like Skylark, “Do you have any artwork you would like to include in the map”? He replied with, “Yeah man, when I get back home I will flick through 🙂 thanx.”

So with inspiration for the Pavlov community and all the Vrmassive discord members plus a little juice form the Heros Club I sprung into action to see what I saw to be epic enough for Pavlov and then it came to me…WESTGATE.

O yeah, I also updated the stats. Patched the crash bug. Thanks, Ponponhead for the heads up.

I hope you all love it…