New Admins, New Weapons & Over 100 New Heroes!

New Admins, New Weapons & Over 100 New Heroes!

May 26 Massive  
From -DogVR1, I am proud to announce the next wave of admins to the Massive servers. Please congratulate the newest admins to the team! @AlanJustAlan @akchev @bananekiller @WantonValkyrie Congrats! We couldn’t have chosen a better group of Moderators. We thank all of you. People want balanced teams, and they want to play with the new weapons. Also, many new gamers were having a tough time coming back from a hardcore beating. After listening to our brilliant folks in our discord and lobby, we came up with a simple solution for all these issues. Give the losing team more firepower. So after many weeks of coding, I finally finished adding new weapons to the Super SND lobbies. We examined the rocket launchers for a few days, and wow, did that literally blow people away. So took them out for now and replaced them with the list of weapons below:
  • Kriss Vectors
  • m16
  • Scar
  • Vss
  • ar9
  • Shield drops
  • Pistol sight rail laser drops
  • Riffle sight rail laser or flashlight drops
If a team is down by 5 points, they get the new weapons listed below. These weapons will spawn in your hand, so don’t purchase a weapon before they spawn in. More weapons and more props for the Heroes Club Members will be added soon. Side Note: I also updated a month or so ago the leader board, giving it a fresh new look, and added the Assists category. SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL OUR NEW HEROES AND LONG TIME SUPPORTED HEROES FROM ALL OF US.