So I was on the server…

So I was on the server…

Aug 01 Massive  

Gamers were like. Why does the server keep crashing! So I was like ok I will fix that. 2 weeks later finally think I have stabilized it time will tell. People also were like dang Massive why is the server so laggy! So I was like no worries I will handle it. Then gamers were like bro… what map is next.

Then I was like ok I will build something 5 hours later done. Then massive Central gamers were like I didn’t receive my email from the website so. You get the picture.

Instead of writing a debug log, I decided to just post it on the news feed so that way you are all caught up on the latest and greatest updates completed on the Vrmassive Central server.

And yes we added a few new maps and I will be working on that long 2 and a half minute wait before the map changes. Not today though need to sleep at some point in my life. If you enjoy whats happening here at vrmassive a sub to our Patreon any amount will do.